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Tree Care

Servicing All Your Tree Care Needs

At TomCat Tree Service, there is no job too big or too small. When it comes to residential and commercial tree services, we’re here to provide you with high quality and timely service, all at an affordable price.

We work hard to keep your trees at their healthiest overall, from the deepest root to the highest leaf.


Storm Damage


Preventive & Remedial Services

Imagine this: you wake up after a strong storm and find tree damage all over your property. Your first thought is to grab your tools, head for the damage, and do the job yourself. While it sounds easy enough, it’s dangerous to tackle this type of project on your own. A fallen or damaged tree requires professional attention, as a DIY approach can cause serious injury or even death. 

TomCat Tree Service follows all safety precautions necessary when removing fallen trees and branches of storm damaged trees. Fallen trees and damaged limbs can pose many hazards and safety risks to your yard and community. Knowing you have a reliable, insured tree care company can help minimize your stress and put your mind at ease knowing emergency tree removal is done correctly and safely.

Trimming & Pruning

Did you know that tree pruning increases the life expectancy of a tree?

Tree pruning is performed to improve the health, beauty, long term stability, or safety of your trees. Proper pruning keeps all of these things in mind. We often must prune for building, utility, road or sidewalk clearance, or simply to increase light to another tree or to your lawn.

There are some essential reasons for having your tree trimming done by professionals:

  • Improve structure by pruning defective branches
  • Reduce hazards by removing dead, dying and diseased branches
  • Improve appearance and form of your trees
  • Trim and prune branches away from adjacent structures
  • Remove sight obstructions by tree trimming
  • Minimize damage from storm events
  • Tree Trimming for aesthetics